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Medals honour exceptional contributions to a nation and symbolize personal achievement, contributions, heroism, and a fine display of professionalism.

Founded in 2008, Martel’s Medal Mounting delivers high-quality mounting services for every client. Our attention to detail ensures you achieve the best results.

We are not content with an average outcome because your medals derserve the best mounting treatment.

We don’t just do traditional court mounting, our services include professional full size medal mounting, miniature medals, one piece ribbons bars, and we might even have a shadow box for you.

Just tell us the products that you need, and we will accomplish them in the best way that we can.

We are also invested in our customer support system, we will walk you through our complete service request process.

Martel’s Medal Mounting will always offer a nice professional deal. We care about your needs and ensure you receive value-driven service all the times.

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